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Charpentiers Medical Centre
Rue Centrale 24
1110 Morges
Phone : +41 (0)21 995 33 33

Open Monday through Friday 8h-12h30 and 13h30-18h

The Centre has a team of qualified General Practitioners and offers many services. Our doctors will offer you a regular follow up based on your needs.

In case you need a semi-urgent consultation, an appointment can be obtained within a day or half day.

The Centre offers radiology and laboratory services and an ambulatory care unit all of which are available for preliminary check-ups, diagnoses and treatment.

Open Monday through Friday 8h-12h30 and 13h30-18h


The Charpentiers Medical Centre is managed by the La Côte Hospital Group (*EHC), a private not-for-profit health care facility.

The Centre is designed to provide the services of a quality general practitioner to the greatest number of people possible:

  • Practitioners have been selected on the basis of their professional experience acquired in Swiss health care facilities and on recommendation by medical doctors from the region of Morges and from the La Côte Hospital Group (*EHC) Medical Board.
  • Practitioners maintain privileged contact with an important network of specialists.
  • The Centre is ideally located in close proximity to public transport. It is also easily accessible by car with an underground parking facility for the physically handicapped.
  • The Centre is situated on the ground floor of a new building offering easy access for people with physical disabilities.
  • The premises are designed and equipped in accordance with the most recent recommendations, in particular with regard to conditions of hygiene.
  • With patients’ consent, doctors are allowed access to the medical files of the Morges Hospital/EHC(*), ensuring continuity of care.
  • Results of radiology examinations are simultaneously interpreted by the Centre’s medical staff and by specialists from the Radiology Department of the Morges Hospital/EHC(*).

Services offered

General Practice and emergencies

  • Consultations and follow-up with general practitioner
  • Overall medical check-ups
  • Follow-up for chronic ailments, subsequent to ageing, screening tests etc.
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical imagery services
  • Taking of samples for medical testing
  • Suturing
  • Application of plaster casts
  • Administration of medication by injection
  • Placing and monitoring perfusions
  • Treatment and dressing wounds etc.


  • Check-up, follow-up and dietary advice
  • Follow-up/monitoring of disorders of the metabolism
  • Follow-up/advisory service for treatment of obesity
  • Follow-up/monitoring of malnutrition


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